Wentworth Shire Council shows their support

03 Apr 2024

The Corporate Secretary for Mildura Health Foundation, Ms. Cheryl Rix, met with the Mayor of Wentworth Shire Council, Mr. Daniel Linklater, to formally thank the Council for its $50,000 donation to the Foundation’s cancer accommodation project, to be known as the Dr. Julie Zrna Centre.


In thanking Mr. Linklater, Ms. Rix said that Wentworth Shire Council was making a significant contribution to a cross-border project that will provide support to people across northwest Victoria and far west New South Wales, requiring treatment for cancer, for generations to come.


“Mildura Health Foundation is absolutely delighted to receive the $50,000 donation from Wentworth Shire Council. The Dr. Julie Zrna Centre is a whole-of-community initiative requiring contributions from local government, businesses and individuals, and the generosity shown by organisations such as Wentworth Shire means we are well on the way to reaching the target of $5 million to complete this project.”


Mr. Linklater said that the rates of cancer in the local area are sobering, and Wentworth Shire councillors were unanimous in their support of the Mildura Health Foundation project, that will provide healthcare options to people across the region, who previously, had to travel long distances and at great expense, to receive critical cancer care.


“The Mildura Health Icon Cancer Centre is the last place any of us would want to be, but unfortunately, the reality is that some of us will require radiation treatment there.


“In the twelve months that the facility has been open, approximately ten per cent of its patients have been from our Wentworth Local Government Area, so the treatment and accommodation hub is very pertinent to our people.”


Mr. Linklater said he also felt that there was immense value in having the accommodation developed specifically for cancer patients.


“It will be unique in that the people staying there will all be going through a similar experience, and they will be able to draw strength from each other. We should never underestimate the importance of support networks in the treatment and recovery journey.”


The Council’s pledge of $50,000 towards the construction of the Dr Julie Zrna Centre occurred during the Ordinary Council Meeting on Wednesday 20 March 2024.


The mayor tabled a motion to allocate funds from next year's budget towards the Centre and both he, and fellow councillor, Peter Crisp, spoke to the importance of the Council financially supporting the project.


Upon completion, the Dr Julie Zrna Centre, will include ten self-contained, fully furnished one and two-bedroom apartments, offering a home-like environment for patients and their families and carers. Strategically situated within walking distance of the Mildura Health Icon Cancer Centre, the apartments will ensure easy access for patients undergoing treatment.


“This project will improve the health journey and outcomes for people in our region and we acknowledge and thank everyone who is supporting it and encourage others to do the same. Every dollar makes a difference,” Ms. Rix said.


Individuals and organisations interested in supporting this cause are encouraged to make donations through the Mildura Health Foundation's website at https://www.mhfoundation.com.au/donate.